1 on 1 PT

Personal Training

As individuals we all learn in various ways, some of us learn very well in a group environment while others will benefit from one-on-one training. If you require more personal attention or a specific goal that you have set for yourself, then personal training may be the best option for you.

Personal Training has enormous benefit for the goal-oriented individual. Private coaching will enable you to address any weaknesses, whether it’s breaking down a technical movement, improving metabolic condition or preparing for a competitive event, one-on-one training will allow you greater interaction and accelerate your progression.

Please contact us directly or via email for any further enquires or to book in for an initial FREE 30 minute consultation.

General Physical Preparedness (GPP)

Every individual has different goals, this is all about getting you from A to B. In a GPP session, we’ll look to work on specific areas that require further development. Based on our initial 30 minute consultation, programming will be devised based on improving your specified skill set. This can vary from weightlifting, to strength work, speed work, mobility, metabolic condition or a basic movement.

A 1 hour GPP session will include a progressive warm up followed by a strength component or possibly a form of mobility conditioning, this will vary with individuals given level of fitness or certain injuries that may require further attention. Similar to a group class, these individual sessions will most likely conclude with a metabolic condition style workout under a given time domain focusing on the specified movement.

This is then followed by mobility driven cool down, at this stage we’ll usually finish up with a discussion on our key learns for the day and what we’ll focus on going forward.

Specific Physical Preparedness (SPP)

In a nutshell this is all about getting you strong and developing a bigger engine!

Like GPP Personal Training we’ll look at addressing your needs. In these sessions we’ll look to work on specific skills, eg. weightlifting, or individualized sports specific training, as in: Soccer, Basketball, Rugby, Triathlalons, Volleyball, Rowing, Out-rigging or Football.

In following the methodology of CrossFit Football, programming will be based on developing special work capacity with aim of having a direct effect on the development of a sport skill. This can mean developing a greater explosion in a 40 yard dash on the football field or greater hip drive in changing direction on a Volleyball court or even an Outrigger who is able to maintain the same efficient work capacity at the start and finish of a 26 mile marathon change race.

Although we don’t consider ourselves to be subject matter experts on any sports specific field, the aim would be to focus on your body mechanics and give you a greater work capacity to allow you to further enhance your specific sports skills set.