Who We Are

Constantly Varied High Intensity Functional Movement

These six words have individually been a part of our lives for a very long time. Rugby games were constantly varied, combat drills were performed at high intensity, and strength training for rowing involved functional movements. It wasn’t until we were exposed to the CrossFit method that these six words worked in unison.

We take things one day at a time and for us, every day gets better. We train to get stronger mentally and it shows in our lifts and conditioning. It has never been about looks but all about performance. In our world, strong is beautiful and tough is desirable. There are no short cuts and what we are asking of our members and ourselves requires guts, sweat and commitment. This is the real deal – come be a part of it.

Rules & Expectations

  1. Leave your ego at the door.
  2. If there is someone you haven’t met before in the box, introduce yourself and say G’day!
  3. Safety is our #1 priority, if a coach tells you to stop a particular movement, you MUST stop immediately.
  4. In following on from Rule 3, please execute full & proper range of motion on all movements. Short cuts lead to bad habits and are not acceptable.
  5. Out of respect for your coach and fellow Crossfitters, please be punctual, we don’t want to start giving out a penalty of 30 burpees, but we will if we have to.
  6. Please clean up your equipment after use.
  7. Always encourage your fellow Crossfitters through to the last rep.
  8. Your blood, sweat and tears are welcome!
  9. You’ll learn a lot working with us, but please leave the coaching to the coaches.
  10. We believe in you. We expect you to believe in yourself, too.


We operate out of a 3,000 sq ft. facility located in the Harbor Center of Aiea, Hawaii. We’re not like conventional gyms – you won’t find a treadmill or an exercise bike in our box. Our style of training delivers power, speed and strength and these things require open space.

Our facility is designed to allow for constantly varied functional movements in line with the CrossFit Method.

In addition, we also have a designated Olympic Weightlifting area within the box. Under the guidance of a coach, you will have the opportunity to use this area to perfect your lifting technique. See our class schedule to join a Strength & Conditioning Class.