Strength Series

At CrossFit Zeus NSC, a normal class will start with a brief rundown of the workout of the day, then depending on the strength component and WOD, we’ll spend a good 10-15 minutes warming up which will include mobility, in preparation for the session.

The Strength Series will vary on any given day, and could be any individual movement or combination of: Squatting, Pressing and Pulling movements to Olympic lifts such as Cleans, Jerks and Snatches.

This all about getting you strong, we will program using strength cycles and identify challenging areas for constant improvement.

Metabolic Conditioning

Commonly called a “Met Con”, the objective of our daily programs or WODs, are derived for strength, power, conditioning and functional movements across various metabolic pathways and various time domains. This is aimed at enhancing metabolic demands, correcting asymmetries and functional movement patterns.

With constantly varied programming each day is never the same, several studies have proven it to be MORE effective in terms of monitoring results, levels of fitness, weight loss, strength, stability, and mobility rather than traditional interval training.

As coaches we are very strong advocates of promoting proper technique within our facility, no matter what level of fitness you have there is always room to learn more. On a typical day prior to any Met Con workout, we will spend time going through each of the movements prescribed in the WOD, which allows us to engage with you in a safe environment.


We are strong advocates of mobility. Recovery is very important to us and is often taken for granted, so on most days we’ll spend 5-10 minutes at the end of the class focusing on areas where we maybe experiencing muscle tightness or soreness as a result of the specific WOD. This gives us the opportunity to work through these various tight spots and acknowledge our achievements, key focus points from the class and to recognize results from our members