Our Mobility classes run for an hour and we guarantee you, it will be an hour well spent. Having the disipline to work on mobility is vital to your improvements and will deliver the gains you want. In addition, targeted mobility will also aid in recovery and prevent injury.

Deeper squats don’t come with heavier weight, they come with mobility. Likewise, strength overhead comes from joint stability found through mobility. The list of benefits is long but it requires your dedication. Come join this class if you’re looking to step it up a notch and discover range of motion that you didn’t know you had.

Opening Your Joints

It’s important to have body awareness, to know your strongest and weakest areas. Whether we are carrying a long-term injury, muscle soreness from an active week of training or are just in need of recovery – mobility is the answer.

The objective of this session is getting you to move more freely and easily. In this class we will focus on common areas of joint instability, tightness and impingement. We may perform anywhere between 6 – 10 movements over the hour. This class will often involve working in pairs and will utilize mobility tools such as resistance bands, rubber tubing, hockey balls, peanuts, plates or barbells.

Testing Your Range of Motion

Following each specific targeted mobility movement, you will be coached to test your range of movement. If we spend time opening the hip joints to improve squat depth, then we will follow that stretch with a series of air squats to release the muscle tightness and allow the immediate benefit from the stretch to be recognized. There’s no doubt that mobility takes patience and it’s important to test your range of motion after each movement to ensure we’re heaing in the right direction.

Industry Information

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