Strength and Conditioning

The Technical Side of Things

The first 20-25 minutes of this full hour session are all about strength building as well as focusing on technique. The basic class template involves a strength component of 1-3 lifts, for example, front or back squats & pressing movements, such as strict press.

Volume, intensity, rep ranges will vary, for example: 3 x 5 or 3 x 3. These strength sessions will also follow 4-12 week cycles.

Regardless if your training goals are sports specific or CrossFit related, our goal is all about increasing your metabolic rate for weight loss, increasing/restoring bone density, decreasing body fat, building lean muscle mass, and injury prevention.

Olympic Weightlifting

The second part of these sessions will be directed towards further developing our movements in the snatch, clean and jerks.

Programming will feature a variation of these movements as well as breaking down each phase to improve our technique. The benefit of breaking down these lifts is so we can identify areas of weakness and work to make them an area of strength.

Common errors around hip extension, pulling the bar too early and achieveing full range of motion will be addressed during our strength and conditioning sessions.

A specific level of experience is not required for this class. Weights are still scaled to suit your needs and goals. Take this opportunity to come to these sessions to focus on improving your key lifts and, of course, to get strong!

Gaining the Benefits

Similar to our other classes, the remaining time will be allocated to recovery. What does that mean? Depending on your needs it will vary from mobility, flexibility or static stretching. As coaches, we are on hand to give you personal intruction throughout this session and we make it a priority to know your specific needs and goals.

This is all about improving our range of motion, muscle tightness, any areas were we are experiencing joint stiffness or muscles soreness, this is an integral part of recovery but more importantly getting stronger and taking our fitness to the next level.

Please note that this is such an important component in our strength development, you will find that we will also encompass a series of mobility movements in preparation at the start of the class before commencing the strength and technique phase.

Industry Information